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Troutdale and Gresham Pet Surgery

Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center is proud to offer the latest technology and procedures for all of your Troutdale and Gresham pet surgery needs. Our team of experienced and skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians strive to meet the same quality and safety standards required in human hospitals. If your pet needs specialized surgical procedures, we can even bring in a variety of board-certified pet surgeons who work with us on difficult cases. So whether your pet is coming in for a routine spay procedure, a biopsy, orthopedic surgery, or emergency vet surgery, we do our utmost to ensure your pet has a safe, successful and comfortable experience.

Pet Surgery in Troutdale and Gresham is State-of-the-Art

Troutdale and Gresham pet surgery services for dogs and catsWe understand that many pet owners worry about what might happen if their pet needs anesthesia. We carefully screen each pet prior to any surgical procedure and tailor the anesthetics specifically to him or her for the safest possible experience. We use Sevoflurane gas, which is the safest anesthetic available today. We also have a well-stocked in-house pharmacy to provide all of your pet’s pain management and medication needs from pre-op through post-op, and also use local anesthetics at the surgical site for multi-faceted pain control. We also encourage IV fluid therapy during each surgical procedure. Our veterinary hospital has heated surgery tables for added comfort for your pet. Our Troutdale and Gresham pet surgery team is dedicated to providing high quality care, so we strive to make sure our patients are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our experienced veterinary team constantly monitors your pet’s condition and progress throughout each procedure, whether it is as routine as a neuter surgery, or a more complicated orthopedic or emergency vet surgery. We perform extensive pre-operative screening and blood tests in our in-house laboratory. During each surgical procedure, we closely monitor your pet’s vital signs with oxygen saturation, blood pressure and ECG monitors. Our advanced sterilization techniques also ensure your pet’s safety and a quick healing time, with reduced chances of secondary infection.

Speaking of healing time, our job continues after your pet comes out of the operating room as well. We continue to monitor your pet’s progress and vital signs to make sure he or she can start the road to recovery on the right paw. Pain management is critical here too, and we ensure your pet stays as comfortable as can be. When the time comes to bring your pet home from our veterinary hospital, we discuss your pet’s medications, wound-dressing and other recovery needs extensively with you.  

If you have any questions about our surgical suite, questions about your pet’s health, or need to schedule an appointment for surgery, please call us today at 503-661-1833.