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Orthopedic Surgery for Pets in Troutdale and GreshamOur veterinary hospital offers the latest in orthopedic surgery for pets. We offer a sterile, clean environment with heated surgical tables, EKG monitors and IVs.

Orthopedic Surgery with Our Veterinarians Serving Troutdale and Gresham

Pets experience broken bones for a lot of reasons, including getting hit by vehicles, falling or by direct trauma to the leg or body. Fractures should be evaluated as soon as possible after the accident by our veterinarians serving Troutdale and Gresham. Delaying treatment could hinder your pet’s prognosis and allow infection to infiltrate the wound.

When you bring your pet to our veterinarian, he or she will be thoroughly evaluated to determine if surgery is necessary to fix the broken bone. The determination will depend on the severity of the fracture and whether it is an open or closed fracture. An open fracture is where the bone has broken and is protruding through the skin. A closed fracture means the bone has not breeched the skin.

If it is determined that your pet does need surgery, we will do everything within our power to make sure the surgery is comfortable and safe for your pet. We perform several pre-surgery tests, including blood tests, to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the surgery.

During surgery, your pet will be placed on a heated operating table and given Sevoflurane Gas, which is a very safe anesthetic designed for pets. We will also be administering IV fluids and monitoring your pet’s heart rhythm and oxygen levels throughout the procedure.

After the surgery, your pet will be given medications to control the pain and may need to stay overnight for observation.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Orthopedic surgery requires lengthy rehabilitation where your pet should not be allowed to be too active. Walking, running, jumping and playing can cause additional injuries to the bone and surgical site. The amount of complete bed rest will be determined by our veterinarians serving Troutdale and Gresham, and instructions and helpful advice will be given to you after the surgery and prior to taking your pet home.

In some instances, your pet may feel good enough to get up and run around and play. This activity should be discouraged until the bed rest phase is complete. If you have questions or concerns during this phase, you can always call our veterinarians for further clarification and to schedule follow up appointments prior to your first scheduled follow-up appointment.

During your pet’s healing time, you may also need to give your pet pain medications while they are at home to ensure they are not experiencing severe pain and are comfortable.

After the initial bed rest period, our vet will explain what light activities your pet can do and how to rehabilitate your pet. In most instances, several follow-up appointments will be needed to ensure that your pet is healing properly.

To schedule an appointment with our veterinarians or to enquire about our orthopedic surgeries, please call our pet medical center at 503-661-1833.