3 Holiday Pet Safety Tips from Your Troutdale & Gresham Veterinarian

3 Holiday Pet Safety Tips from Your Troutdale & Gresham Veterinarian

From poisonous poinsettias to a house filled with unfamiliar faces, holiday merrymaking can turn dangerous for pets. Every year, pets end up at theemergency vet due to common holiday safety hazards. Follow these tips from our veterinarian to keep your pets safe.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips to Avoid a Veterinary Emergency

Holiday hazard #1: Holiday food. If your pet ingests stuffing made with onions, chocolate Christmas cookies, or other tasty holiday treats, he or she might need a visit to the emergency vet. A small amount of baker’s chocolate, for example, could cause life-threatening poisoning.

How to keep your pet safe: Be vigilant when baking and promptly clean up any food scraps that fall on the floor. Remind family members and guests not to feed your pets any food off their plates. Never give a pet turkey bones to chew on; the bones can splinter and puncture the small intestines.

Holiday hazard #2: Christmas trees. Christmas trees are considered mildly toxic; tree oils may irritate the mouth and stomach, causing mild gastrointestinal distress. As trees dry out, they drop sharp needles that can make your pet choke or puncture their insides. Drinking water from the tree stand can also make pets sick.

How to keep your pet safe: Vacuum up fallen needles each day. Keep poisonous plants, like poinsettias and mistletoe, out of your pet’s reach. Use a tree skirt to cover the tree stand.

Holiday hazard #3: Party guests and visitors. Whether you are hosting family from out of town or the neighborhood holiday party, a house filled with unfamiliar people can be overwhelming even for the friendliest pets. Party guests may also mistakenly feed pets toxic foods without realizing it like chocolate treats or cookies with nuts or raisins, which could send your pet straight to the emergency vet hospital.

How to keep your pet safe: Consider boarding your pet for the night of your holiday party at a veterinary hospital. Your pet will be relaxed and happy away from the bustle of new faces – and you can enjoy your party without worrying about your pet’s safety.

Has your pet ever experienced a holiday-related veterinary emergency?

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