4 Reasons Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

4 Reasons Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

Your pet is one of the family, and you want to help your furry friend live a long, healthy life. Pet vaccinations do just that. Here are four important reasons to see our veterinarian in Troutdale and update your pet’s vaccinations.

1. Pet Vaccinations Prevent Rabies

Your pets may not spend much time outdoors, but rabid animals can enter your home’s yard, basement or attic at any time. Pet vaccinations, including a rabies shot, protect your beloved furry friends. Our veterinary clinic can administer the vaccine to dogs as young as three months and to the cats as young as two months. Every pet should then have an annual booster to prevent it from contracting rabies.

2. Protect Against Leptospirosis

If you own a dog, it could contract leptospirosis. The bacterial infection affects your pet’s kidneys and¬†liver. It’s spread from dogs to humans, and young children are especially susceptible. With vaccinations, your dog is protected against this disease.

3. Protect Against Deadly Illnesses

Exposure to deadly illnesses like parvo can happen anywhere. Discuss necessary vaccines with our veterinarian in Troutdale as you ensure your pet stays protected as you play and travel around your neighborhood and the town. Also, if you plan on taking your pet on vacation with you, speak to our veterinarian about any additional vaccinations that might be necessary.

4. Reduce Emergency Care Needs

A sick pet needs to see our veterinarian in Troutdale immediately to ensure it is diagnosed and treated properly. Those visits can be stressful for you and your pet. They can also be expensive. Preventative pet vaccinations reduce the chance that your pet will contract and illness or disease and need to utilize emergency care.

Pet vaccinations protect your pet and your family. Make an appointment today with our veterinarian in Troutdale to start vaccinations or update boosters. Is your pet’s vaccination record up to date?

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