5 Simple Pet Wellness Tips for New Pet Owners

5 Simple Pet Wellness Tips for New Pet Owners

Congratulations on being a new pet owner! You and your new friend can enjoy many happy years of companionship, with these pet wellness tips from our Troutdale veterinarians.

Take Your Pet for a Wellness Exam

The first thing you should do when you acquire a new pet — aside from purchasing toys and supplies, of course — is schedule a wellness exam for your pet. Our Troutdale vets will be happy to look your pet over and set you up with an appropriate schedule of necessary vaccinations.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, spaying or neutering your pet protects him or her from reproductive cancers and other reproductive diseases. It can also eliminate problematic behaviors associated with reproductive hormones, like territorial urine spraying, roaming, and territorial aggression.

Feed Your Pet an Appropriate Diet

Feeding your new pet a nutritious diet is important to maintain your pet’s health. You should buy food suited to your size, breed, and pet’s developmental level — puppies and kittens should not eat adult food; adults should not eat puppy or kitten food; and seniors should eat a senior formula.
If your new pet is not a cat or dog, it could be helpful to do some research into the kinds of food best suited to its needs before you choose a diet.

Make Time for Your Pet

Pets need love, affection and mental stimulation in order to be happy and healthy. Make time each day to play with, walk and cuddle your new pet. If you work long hours or are otherwise away from home, consider enrolling your pet in daycare or training school to maintain his activity level.

Start Grooming Early

You should begin grooming puppies and kittens regularly at a young age so they get used to it. Grooming should include bathing and brushing fur and brushing teeth.

What challenges are you facing with your new pet?

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