A Healthy Diet is the Key to Your Pet’s Good Health

Nutrition goes a long way in maintaining excellent pet health.

When in doubt, don’t feed your pet people food. Feed them nutritious foods that will support their digestive sensitivities and help them with obesity and weight management. The right diet will reduce skin allergies and help your pets maintain healthy digestion.

One well-known pet food name is Purina. For all pets, protein and energy are essential to diet. The right amount of protein for your dog is determined by age and level of activity. Commercial dog food is formulated with adequate dietary protein and amino acids for health. Puppies and senior dogs require more protein than others. Therapeutic and wellness diets are available from Royal Canin. They offer over 300 hundred varieties, with special nutrition diets that can help your pet recover from illness faster and maintain better overall health. Their pet food formulas focus on nutrients that help promote wellness, minimize clinical symptoms or promote recovery. Hills nutritional pet food solutions are designed to reduce urinary problems, alleviate stomach sensitivity, maintain thyroid wellness and support weight management.

Beware of sharing a food treat with your pet.

Hidden food additives can make your pet sick. And while it seems that yummy protein treats are healthy, they lack the nutrients necessary for an overall healthy diet. Part of good nutrition is avoiding bad “foods.” Your dog should avoid avocados as well as onions and garlic. Onion powder can cause weakness and vomiting. Caffeine can be fatal for a dog and can harm a cat’s heart and nervous system. In a dog, symptoms of caffeine poisoning include restlessness, rapid breathing, heart palpitations and bleeding. Many of us have shared tuna with our cats. Once and a while is OK, but over time it will cause malnutrition if served as the primary food source, as it lacks thiamine and essential vitamins and minerals. Before sharing food with your pet, make sure it’s safe.

Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center veterinarians serving Troutdale and Gresham can help your pets with a proactive wellness program that will give your pet a healthy diet tailored to his specific health needs.

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