About Your Veterinarian Serving Gresham

About Your Veterinarian Serving Gresham

Right here in your backyard is the best veterinarian serving Gresham and Troutdale. We live here, we work here, and we are dedicated to caring for the cats, dogs, exotics and pocket pets in our community. Simply put: your pet is our pet and we lavish them with the same care and medical precision as we would our own. We focus on wellness care, but also treat emergencies, perform surgeries and handle pet dental care. Following is what distinguishes us as the most skilled, compassionate and dedicated veterinarian serving Gresham.

Some History

Dr. Ken DeRemer began the practice in 1983 as a house call service dedicated to serving the pets in the communities of Troutdale and Gresham. In 1994 the clinic was opened and we became a facility-based practice, still serving our communities with the same dedication and commitment. As our reputation for quality care expanded, so did the demand for an addition vet. First, Dr. Christina Huntsinger joined the team, followed by Dr. Monica Pollock. Together we focus on family-based care and a true love for all animals.

Standard Services

Keeping pets healthy with preventative medicine means avoiding premature pain and heartache down the line. Yearly wellness exams are the bedrock of preventive medicine and the time when we fully examine your pet, literally from head to toe. Our veterinarian checks the heart, lungs and respiration, eyes, nose, ears and mouth, including a visual dental inspection. We also take blood which we run through our own lab for quick results, and do a fecal exam. Finally, the annual exam is the time when we administer your pet’s vaccinations. We work with you to determine the amount and type of vaccine best for your pet.

Emergency Services

When your pet has an emergency, you need help and fast! Another advantage to you is our location right here in Gresham and around the corner from Troutdale. Emergencies include blunt force trauma to poisoning to sudden illness. During our office hours we encourage you to bring your pet right in and if after hours, we work with an area after-hours animal hospital.

Pet Surgeries

Every owner dreads it when their pet needs surgery, and you are probably no exception. Our vet surgeon is tops in the field and uses only the safest anesthesia, and our surgical suite is equipped with the most modern equipment and up-to-date technology. No matter what the surgery: spay, neuter, orthopedic, dental, or soft tissue, we monitor your pet every second to make sure all his or her vitals are exactly where they should be.

Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth are the doorway to his or her future good health. Believe it or not, problems with tartar and plaque buildup begin as early as age 3 and set the stage for gum disease, lost teeth and other health problems. The general rule is to clean the teeth every year, but when we perform a visual inspection during the annual exam, we will get an exact idea of frequency.

As your full service, quality care veterinarian serving Gresham, we invite you to contact us for more information about our practice.

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