When we’re able to, we love to help animals in need. Some of our big-hearted clients find animals on the side of the road who have been injured. Other people sometimes have animals that they can no longer provide care for. They bring them here to Paws and Claws and sometimes we are able to help them. Here are some of our resident pet’s that came to us in just this way:

Meet Greddy

Greddy was brought to us in 2008. One of our clients found him on the side of the road, and his little head got squished by a car. He was a mess, with a damaged eye and a broken jaw and teeth. We were able to fix him up with a big surgery and lots of TLC. He’s been helping greeting clients ever since. He loves to knead bellies, tease the other clinic cats, and scream at people for food. We love Greddy. He is very social cat, and you can even follow him on his own Twitter.