Benefits of a Routine Pet Exam

What to Expect From A Routine Pet Exam With Your Troutdale Veterinarian

Annual pet physical exams, or check-ups, allow vets to spot any problems early. This increases the chance of successful treatment and helps to keep costs down. Just what takes place at these exams, and what else is done during these visits?

The Pet Wellness Check-Up

The wellness check-up itself is, with the exception of a possible blood draw, a non-invasive process. Key parts of the pet’s body are examined for signs of lesions, discharges, and other problems. The mouth, eyes, and ears are focused on during this stage since mucus membranes are the most likely to show these issues. Then, the underside of the jaw and the neck are felt to detect any lumps, scabs, or similar issues.

Once this is done, the veterinary exam progresses to the chest. Here, the vet will listen to the lungs and heartbeat to detect any unusual sounds.

The next step is to feel, or palpate, the abdominal region. Here, the doctor will be checking for unusual tension – an indicator of pain or blockage – and for lumps and other abnormalities. After this, the vet moves down a bit more to check the pet’s temperature. Finally, the spine is felt for unusual tension, misalignment, and other such problems.

What Else Happens?

This is a great time to get booster shots for your pet’s immunizations, so any that are needed are typically delivered now. Stool and blood samples may be taken for parasite testing, as well. If you need to renew your pet’s prescription for parasite preventives, that is done now.

All of these things are great reasons to stick to the practice of bringing your pet in to see his or her Troutdale veterinarian on a yearly basis.

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