Celebrating Adopt-a-Cat Month at Our Troutdale and Gresham Veterinary Hospital

Celebrating Adopt-a-Cat Month at Our Veterinary Hospital

Kitten and puppy season is upon us, and this June, along with veterinary offices and animal shelters across the country, we are celebrating adopt-a-cat month at our Troutdale and Gresham Veterinary Hospital. This month raises awareness about the millions of animals in shelters waiting to find their forever homes and encourages adoptions. Our hospital also uses cat adoption month to promote and educate proper pet care after adoption.

Establish Pet Care with Our Troutdale and Gresham Veterinarian

Within the first week of bringing a new cat into your home, you should establish your pet’s healthcare with our Troutdale and Gresham veterinarian to ensure her good health (and if you have other pets at home, to protect their health too). In addition to a healthy diet, ample exercise, and plenty of play time, your new pet needs wellness and preventative care to stay healthy. Preventative care for cats includes regular checkups, dental examinations, and vaccinations.

During your pet’s first appointment at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, a veterinarian will give her a complete physical examination, screening for any signs of disease, parasites, or other health conditions. The successful treatment of most diseases and health conditions depends on early detection. Our veterinarians will also begin your kitten or cat’s pet vaccination schedule, which will protect her from common, dangerous infectious diseases. A pet vaccination schedule begins with initial inoculations when your pet reaches around seven to eight weeks of age, and then continues with regularly scheduled boosters.

Our veterinarians strongly recommend that pet owners purchase a pet insurance plan for their animals. Pet insurance will not only assist with the cost of wellness care, but also helps in the event of an unforeseen emergency. While our office strives to keep treatment costs at an affordable level, pet insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to emergency care and unanticipated hospital stays.

Have you adopted a cat recently?

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