Cold Weather Dangers for your Pet

When the temperature plummets, cooler weather can cause a variety of problems for pets if they are exposed to it. If your pet is suffering from a problem caused by cold temperatures, contact Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, serving the Gresham and Troutdale areas, to meet with one of our veterinarians. Our veterinary team is experienced in caring for dogs, cats, and a variety of exotic pets at our animal hospital as well. Here is some information about the dangers of cold weather, how to avoid exposure, and how our vet can help if exposure has happened to your pet.

The Dangers of Cold Weather

Pets exposed to temperatures below freezing can get frostbite after several minutes. The bottoms of their paws, where the pads are located, are not protected by fur, making these areas prone to injury. If a pet is left outdoors for a long amount of time, they could suffer from hypothermia as their body attempts to battle cool temperatures. This causes loss of hydration and the muscles to seize.

Keeping Your Pet Safe in Cold Weather

It is best to avoid letting your pet outdoors when temperatures are freezing. If you need to let your dog outside to go to the bathroom, monitor their excursion and keep it close to home so they are not exposed to dangerous conditions for longer than they need to be. Keep your heat running in your home if you are not there so your pet does not become too cold in your absence.

How Our Veterinarian Will Treat Your Pet After Exposure

If your pet has been exposed to freezing temperatures, wrap their body in a warm towel and keep the heat on in your vehicle when transporting them to our facility for a checkup. Our vet will apply warmth to affected areas and will do a complete evaluation of their body to determine the right course of treatment.

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