Exotic Pet Care Tips from Your Veterinarian in Gresham

Exotic Pet Care Tips from Your Veterinarian in Gresham

From iguanas to birds, exotic pets can make wonderful companions. If you are thinking about adopting an exotic pet, our Troutdale exotic vet is happy to answer any questions that you may have. Not every veterinarian in Gresham provides exotic pet care, and our veterinary hospital is excited to offer this service to pet owners.

Exotic Pet Wellness Program & Care Tips

Thinking about getting an exotic pet? Depending on which pet you want, birds and exotics have specialized feeding and habitat requirements. Here’s what you need to know in advance.
#1: Sourcing your exotic pet’s diet. Some exotics may need a daily salad of fresh greens, while other exotics may need live prey to eat. Sourcing your pet’s diet is not as easy as simply picking up a dog or cat food from the store. Depending on your pet’s needs, our Troutdale exotic vet can help you source food locally or commercially. Our goal is to help all exotic pets enjoy a balanced, healthy diet.

#2: Housing your exotic pet. Just like with dietary needs, exotic pets have unique housing requirements that very from pet to pet. For example, geckos enjoy having space to hide, especially when they need to shed skin. A tank with a hide box, along with rocks and plants, will give them a secure environment. Birds, especially larger cockatoos or parrots, may need very large cages in order to fully spread their wings. As a pet owner, it is important that you find the right cage or tank for your pet. As your pet grows, you may also need to upgrade to a larger housing.

#3: Keeping your exotic pet health. Just like cats and dogs, exotic pets and birds will benefit from regular wellness exams. Common exotic pet health problems include malnutrition, parasites, kidney failure, and tail trauma. Our exotic wellness program will ensure your pet is receiving a nutritious diet and not suffering from parasites. If you notice a change in your pet’s behavior or habits, schedule an appointment with our veterinary hospital.

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