Foods Your Pet Should Avoid During Holidays

Foods Your Pet Should Avoid During Holidays

With the holidays coming up, let our Troutdale and Gresham veterinarian remind you of holiday foods never to feed your pet.

Holiday Foods Our Gresham Vet Warns Never to Feed Your Pet

During the holidays, you may have rich foods around the house and extra people who may not know how your cat loves to climb on the table or your dog enjoys raiding the pantry. In a worst case scenario, your pet could ingest a hazardous food item that was left out. If your pet eats any of the following foods, he or she could experience gastrointestinal distress or potentially die without veterinarian treatment:

  • Chocolate – This is a known toxin for pets.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can cause GI problems, vomiting, coma, and even death.
  • Wine, grapes, and raisins – Grapes and grape-derived food items may cause kidney failure.
  • Sweets that contain xylitol – The sweetener xylitol, present in sugar-free gums, sweets, and oral care products, can cause liver failure, seizures, or death in dogs.
  • Turkey (raw or cooked) – No holiday turkey (or turkey skin) for your pets! There is a risk of salmonella in raw turkey, plus the cooked meat is fatty and can irritate your pet’s tummy.
  • Bones – Bones may splinter while being chewed, causing a tear in your pet’s internal organs and necessitating pricey emergency surgery.
  • Chives, onions, or garlic – These members of the allium family can render your pet anemic, so avoid any foods flavored with chives, onion, or garlic.
  • Nutmeg – This spice is a known pet hallucinogen and can cause nervous system issues for your pet. Hold the pumpkin pie!
  • Salty snacks – Salty nuts, chips, or other holiday hors d’oeuvres can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or seizures in pets.

Our vet is here for you in the event of animal emergencies in Gresham and Troutdale. If your pet eats any of these foods, we urge you to contact us straight away and bring your pet in for immediate attention. Call us at (503) 405-1476 if you suspect your pet has eaten a hazardous food.

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