Four Reasons Cat Vaccination and Dog Vaccination Matter

Preventative care is the best way to keep your animals healthy. When we can stop illness from occurring or catch it early, your pet will experience a longer, healthier life. Our veterinarian in Troutdale, OR points out four major reasons why cat vaccination and dog vaccination are an integral to pet care.

1. Vaccines Boost Immunity: Young puppies and kittens are not born equipped with adequate natural immunities to last a lifetime. Any immunities that come from the mother during nursing are lost once the puppy or kitten is weaned. Having your pet vaccinated could save its life.

2. Vaccination Protects Humans and Animals: Unvaccinated pets pose a threat to humans and other animals. Several diseases common in pets, like rabies, can be spread to humans. A single bite from a rabid dog can prove fatal for a human who does not receive immediate treatment. Having your pets vaccinated can eliminate this dangerous risk.

3. Travel May Put Pets at Risk: Whether you plan to take your pet with you or board it with your veterinarian, vaccinations are required. Always check with your veterinarian about requirements for traveling pets. Pets crossing borders might require vaccinations which guard against diseases in other parts of the world. Pets staying home at a boarding facility will also require current vaccinations to prevent the risk of spreading or contracting diseases while living with other pets.

4. Vaccination is Affordable: We list this as the last reason because keeping pets healthy should always be a pet owner’s first consideration. The cost, however, of vaccinations and regular boosters for pets is far less expensive than the cost of treatment for a sick, infected animal. Ill pets require blood tests, medications, surgeries, and sometimes extended stays in the hospital. Ensuring your pet has the preventative care it needs to stay healthy will save you money in the long run.

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