Pet Care for Snakes

If you have contemplated on getting a snake as a pet, learning about the proper way to care for it is extremely important. Snakes require a bit of planning before purchasing one. You will want to have the right tools on hand to keep it comfortable. In addition to providing a snake with the right atmosphere, trips to Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center in Troutdale for veterinary care are necessary when your new pet becomes ill or has trouble shedding. Here is some information about taking care of this exotic pet.

Set Up the Right Home for Your Exotic Pet

Before you can purchase a terrarium for your snake, it is necessary to determine what type of snake you will be purchasing. Some snakes require a wider environment, while others need a taller enclosure. All snakes require a heat source. A heating lamp should be positioned over a warming rock so that your snake has a location to rest with heat provided. Have a bedding layer in the tank so that your exotic pet can burrow into it. Make sure to have hiding spots for your snake, place them in the cooler areas of the tank. To ensure that your pet is healthy, you have to make sure that your pet has the right amount of humidity.

Feed Your Snake Appropriate Foods

All snakes are meat-eaters. Some will only eat live creatures, such as mice, rats, or insects. Others will eat dead rodents. Make sure to inquire about the foods your snake will need as well as the frequency they will be eating.

Be Aware Of Shedding

Snakes will shed their skin every month or so as they grow. Add wet paper towels to your snake’s tank to increase the humidity and be sure they have objects they can rub against to help with the shedding process. If your snake has any health problems, a visit to our animal hospital is best. Our veterinarians can examine your exotic pet to see if he or she has an underlying condition.

Contact Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center in Troutdale to meet with our veterinarians if your snake has trouble shedding, is not eating as frequently as it should, or seems under the weather. For more information about our veterinary care service for snakes or would like to schedule an appointment for your pet, call our animal hospital at (503) 661-1833 today.

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