Pet Wellness Care in Troutdale and Gresham

Wellness Care in Troutdale and Gresham

Your puppy or kitten will spend its first year visiting our Troutdale office often, for wellness checkups as well as for vaccinations. Once the original round of vaccines is finished, you’ll be left with a happy and healthy pet. It may seem like a waste of time and money to bring your pet into our animal hospital when it’s perfectly healthy, but that’s exactly the best time you should go. Pets need regular visits to the veterinarian for wellness checkups just like humans need to see their doctor or dentist on a regular basis.

Your Veterinarian Serving Gresham and Wellness Care Exams

Bringing your pet in for an annual wellness exam can be the best thing you ever do for keeping them happy and healthy. Diseases and problems that are caught early are usually easier to treat, so a visit to the vet can save you and your pet endless hours of pain and suffering, plus added expenses. You may be surprised by how much our veterinarians can diagnose from a simple wellness checkup.

We’ll check your pet’s teeth, gums, and tongue for signs of dental problems, intestinal troubles, and other health problems. Red tongue and gums can indicate a systemic infection, while loose teeth might be a sign of a nutritional problem. We’ll clean your pet’s teeth, if needed, as well as training you to clean them once you get home.

Your pet’s biggest organ is its skin, and we’l pay special attention to it during our exam. Itchy skin, rashes, and bare spots can be signs of something more serious than simple dry skin. We’ll also check for fleas, mites, and other parasites, and treat your pet as needed.

Some of the most basic parts of a wellness exam can reveal the biggest problems. We’ll include measurements and weight as part of your pet’s examination. This can reveal if your pet is obese. Just like in humans, pet obesity can cause a host of other medical problems. If your pet has a weight problem we’ll prescribe a healthy diet and teach you behaviors that will help to get your pet back to a healthy weight.

For more information on wellness care with our veterinarian in Troutdale and Gresham, call Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center at (503) 661-1833.

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