Review Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center Online!

Review Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center Online!

At Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center, we do our best to treat our patients right, and it shows! Just take a look at our reviews on Yelp and Google+. Our happy customers have shared their thoughts and opinions about our service and about how we treat our customers.

Join Our Happy Family

At Paws and Claws Medical Center, we look at our veterinary practice in Troutdale as one large happy family. If you’ve never been to Paws and Claws Medical Center in Troutdale, we encourage you to stop by and see what our practice can do for your pet. We offer the following services to our patients:

  • Vaccinations: We provide vaccinations to animals young and old. Our vaccinations help protect dogs and cats from common diseases and illnesses. For your convenience, we’ll track your pet’s vaccination and booster schedule in our records. This way you’ll always know when your pet’s vaccinations and boosters are due.
  • Spaying and neutering: We provide spaying and neutering services to the pets of the area. This helps control the pet population in our community and also helps protect our animal patients from certain types of cancer and other conditions.
  • Wellness checkups: Our wellness checkups help catch diseases while they’re still in the beginning stages. This can improve your pet’s quality of life and may even help save your pet’s life!
  • Emergency care: We have all the equipment for making a fast diagnosis, and we also have the facilities to perform emergency surgery, if necessary.

Write Us a Review Online!

Paws and Claws Medical Center is proud to be a veterinarian serving Gresham, Troutdale and the surrounding communities. If you’re already a part of our happy family, and you’ve experienced the services listed above for yourself, we encourage you to write us a review on Google+ and Yelp. Tell the world how you feel! Or, if you’re ready to join our family, call Paws and Claws Medical Center today at (503) 405-1476 to make a vet appointment.

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