Saying Goodbye to your pet is never easy

Saying Goodbye to your pet

Pets are our friends, and some are even like family. Sadly, our pets do not live as long as we do, so saying goodbye is a reality most pet owners face. With the emotions of mourning your pet often comes questions, guilt and loneliness.

When to Euthanize?

This difficult decision often means the life of the pet is in its owners hands and a tremendous amount of responsibility is felt along with fond emotions. Your vet can help you consider the quality of life your pet is living and work through what is the kindest thing for the good of your pet. Sometimes, sickness, injury or old age makes it difficult for your pet to even enjoy the days – struggling to eat or feeling continuous pain. Our goal is simply to help you consider the options and do whatever is in the very best interest for your pet.

Remembering Your Pet

When a beloved animal makes an impact on your family, you can help with the grieving process by facing the pain instead of trying to hide it. Talk to your children in a way they can understand and plan a memorial of some kind to help them say goodbye. Many families plant trees for their lost pets, cremate their pets and scatter the ashes, preserve their pet in a memory book, frame a photo and much more. This is especially important for your family when a sudden and unexpected loss is experienced, so consider the ways you can help your family work through the natural feelings of grief and loss.

Don’t Avoid the Subject

If you have children, they may be especially curious and emotional about losing a first pet. Don’t encourage them to think or talk about something else. They may ask question after question or feel exceptionally sad, but trying to suppress the feelings won’t help them subside.

At Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, we are here to help you with hospice and euthanasia services. Let us know how we can help with pet loss or questions you may have.

How do you plan to say goodbye?

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