Dermatology Services at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center

If your pet boasts a luxurious coat of hair, you may not see much of his skin — but that doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the signs of a potential skin disorder. If your pet is suffering from a rash, infections, pest-related irritation, or even a possible tumor, it’s good to know that your trusted team at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center is ready to help. Our veterinarians can diagnose your pet’s problem and administer the right remedy.

Rashes, Infections, and Other Skin Problems in Pets

Some pet skin problems are more evident than others. If you feel a lump on your pet, for instance, you may have discovered a tumor. In some conditions such as sarcoptic mange (caused by scabies mites) or ringworm (a type of fungal infection), patches of hair loss may accompany a rash or areas of redness. Red, itchy welts may also be a sign of an allergic irritation called dermatitis. If your pet is constantly scratching, licking, or chewing an area of irritated skin, the underlying cause may be a food allergy, contact allergy or allergic reaction to tick or flea bites.

While it’s only natural for your pet to try to alleviate his irritation, scratching or biting the irritated skin may lead to complications. For instance, if an open wound develops at the irritation site, bacteria can get in to cause a secondary infection.

How Our Troutdale Veterinarians Can Help

Our Troutdale veterinarians have seen it all when it comes to pet skin problems. Our team can evaluate your pet’s symptoms, medical history, diet, and environmental factors to determine where a rash or other abnormality is coming from. If flea or tick infestation is evident, we can rid your pet of those parasites and put him on a preventative program to keep them away. If an allergy is creating skin symptoms, we can perform allergy testing and/or administer an elimination diet to isolate the trigger, providing antihistamines, dietary changes and other remedies as needed.

Don’t panic if you notice a lump in your pet’s skin. Most skin tumors are benign, but we can remove the lump and run a biopsy on it for safety’s sake. If we do find a malignancy, we may remove some additional tissue or prescribe other treatments to help your pet overcome this challenge.

Leave Your Pet’s Skin Issues to Us!

Your pet deserves healthy skin and a comfortable life – and Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center can help make it possible. Call (503) 661-1833 to schedule an evaluation or other dermatology services at our Troutdale clinic!