Troutdale & Gresham Veterinarian Provides State-of-the-Art Laboratory Services

At Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, our veterinarian is pleased to offer state-of-the-art laboratory services, including in-house blood chemistry analysis. For urgent or emergency cases, our in-house services also include ear and skin cytology analysis. For routine lab work, we send our samples to Antech, a local veterinary laboratory. Antech provides high-quality analysis and the most accurate results for a reduced cost, and we pass these savings on to our pet owners. This combination of in-house analysis and Antech analysis allows us to achieve a quick and accurate diagnosis for veterinary health problems.

In-House Blood Analysis Provides Critical Test Results at Emergency Vet Hospital

Our animal clinic provides a wide range of medical services and also serves as an emergency vet hospital. When an emergency strikes, we know that every minute matters. This is especially true for common emergencies such as accidental household poisoning or object ingestion. Identifying the poison or object ingested as quickly as possible is critical to successful treatment. In order to accomplish this, one of the tools we rely upon is our in-house laboratory. Our lab is equipped for blood chemistry analysis and other quick emergency vet hospital testing. These test results can be available within 30 minutes, so our vet can begin treatment as quickly as possible. Our in-house lab enables us to obtain the quick test results that an emergency vet hospital needs for accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

Our partnership with Antech delivers high-quality analysis at a fraction of the cost, savings that we happily pass on to our pet owners. Routine laboratory testing includes preoperative blood screenings, parasite prevention and specialized blood tests. Depending on a pet’s wellness needs, we may schedule tests including a routine chemistry panel, urinalysis, and complete blood count.

A blood chemistry panel is one of the most common veterinary tests. By checking essential elements, including enzyme and electrolyte levels, this diagnostic tool will help determine a pet’s organ function. A blood chemistry panel is useful for diagnosing health problems such as liver disease, a kidney infection or problems with the gall bladder and pancreas, which could not otherwise be accurately diagnosed using only physical symptoms.

In some cases, our veterinarian will request a complete blood count (CBC). A CBC test will determine how many red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are present in a pet’s bloodstream. A low red blood cell count indicates anemia while a high red blood cell count indicates dehydration. A low white blood cell count indicates the presence of an infection. A high white blood cell count is symptomatic of a disease, such as cancer. Low platelet counts are also symptomatic of health problems, including tick-borne diseases and autoimmune disorders.

Routine blood work tests provide a “snapshot” of your pet’s internal health, allowing our veterinarian to detect the warning signs of illness before physical symptoms are present. Contact our veterinary hospital to learn more.