Gresham Veterinarian Offers Pain Management Services

Unlike their human partners, many pets suffer insilence when in pain. Here at Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center, your veterinarian serving Gresham, we know how to help pets with our expert skill and experience in pet pain management.

What is Pain?

Pain arises when there is tissue damage which causes nerve endings to send pain signals to the brain. Pain ranges in intensity from mild to extreme and it is somewhere along that spectrum that the veterinarian must step in. When a pet experiences severe pain, the immune system kicks in and negatively affects clotting, healing and the entire cardiovascular system. This degree of pain creates an imprint in the brain which leaves the pet feeling pain long after healing occurs.

When is a Pet in Pain?

Also providing pet pain management in Troutdale, we are specialists in recognizing the degree of a pet’s pain. Dogs tend to be more vocal and demonstrative when in pain. They yelp, howl, and cry, they’ll refuse to walk on an injured leg, and they may become aggressive. On the other hand, cats behave like they are in fear. They won’t sleep or close their eyes and they may disappear. Since they are prey animals, hamsters, birds, and others, instinctively hide their pain to reduce their vulnerability to predators.

What Kinds of Pain Do Pets Experience?

If it hurts you, it hurts your pet. Examples of problems that cause pets pain include arthritis, generative bone and joint diseases, hip dysplasia, infections, wounds, oral problems, allergies and surgeries. And also just like you, the intensity of the pain varies depending upon the problem and the pet.

Pet Pain Management in Gresham and Troutdale

As the leading pain management vet serving both communities, we encourage you to bring your pet to our animal hospital before trying any home remedy or medication. Avoid giving human medications such as aspirin and NSAIDS (ibuprofen), which can be toxic to pets. When you come to our Gresham and Troutdale veterinarian, your pet will be given a thorough examination to find the source of the pain. This might include x-rays, blood work, and other diagnostic testing, all of which can be performed and analyzed in-house. Rest assured we also send every x-ray out to be interpreted by board certified radiologists for further interpretation to get the give your pet the best care possible.

Medications and Alternative Therapies

The goal of managing a pet’s pain is to remove the cause of the pain, such as set a broken bone or clean and stitch up an infected wound. Sometimes, however, the cause is chronic, such as arthritis. For short term management, medications formulated just for pets are viable options. Medication may also be necessary for long-term management of chronic pain, though in lower doses. You may look into giving your pet supplements as well as checking for veterinarians that offer modalities such as acupuncture and laser treatments.

Living with pain is living in misery. If you see changes in your pet’s behavior that could signal pain, it’s time to seek out pet pain management in Gresham. Call us at (503) 661-1833 to make an appointment.