Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center Offers Pocket Pet Care

Not only dogs and cats, but also pets of all kinds need quality veterinary care. More and more people are choosing pockets pets for their animal companions, and these creatures need care that keeps their unique needs in mind. At Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center in Troutdale, OR, we have the training and experience to help you ensure the health of your pocket pet.

Pocket Pet Health Problems

Pocket pets include such species as gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, and rats. These animals can be fun to own and provide a great deal of entertainment for owners. However, they may be subject to health problems, just like other species. Nutritional deficiencies, hairballs, unusual growths, dental issues, and respiratory infections are not uncommon. We can provide veterinary care for these problems, so your pocket pet can stay happy and healthy. With the wide variety of species of pocket pets being cared for today, the need for broader veterinary care is larger than ever. Many small creatures have very specific needs from the types of food they can eat, to their need for companionship or solitude. A traditional or specialty vet may not be well versed enough in the specific kind of care your pet requires, so it is always a good idea to inquire as to whether or not the vet you’ve chosen has worked with your type of furry friend before.

Your Troutdale Vet Can Help

Not all veterinarians provide care for exotic pets, and some only treat some types of pets. When considering a vet, you should ask question about the training and experience they have caring for these animals and whether they are prepared to house the animal appropriately on site, if needed. These creatures often need special containers, food, and care when under treatment. The vet at our animal hospital will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your pet’s care and treatment.

Make Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center Your Veterinarian for Exotic and Pocket Pets

Dr. DeRemer, Dr. Huntsinger, and Dr. Pollock combine their extensive training in veterinary medicine to ensure the health of their patients in Troutdale, OR and surrounding areas. We offer many services, including wellness exams, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, dermatology, and pharmacy services. Call Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center today at (503) 661-1833 for an appointment to learn about the many services we offer to help keep your exotic and pocket pets thriving.