Your Troutdale and Gresham Puppy and Kitten Veterinarian

Here at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, our Troutdale veterinarian and team takes great pride in offering the skilled veterinary services pets need to lead happier and healthier lives. From dogs and cats to birds, rabbits, pocket pets, and everything in between, we treat your pet as one of our own. And if you’ve recently adopted a new puppy or kitten, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to properly care for your new pet.

Caring for a New Puppy

Puppies can be rambunctious balls of energy, but they also tend to be curious animals as well. As a puppy owner, then, you’ll need to be extra careful to ensure your new pup doesn’t get into anything dangerous. Specifically, make sure your house is “puppy-proofed” and keep your dog crated or in an otherwise enclosed area while you’re away to prevent him from getting into anything.

Furthermore, make sure your puppy is up-to-date on all vaccinations and immunizations; there are many different shots and boosters needed for puppies as they age. If you’re not sure what your puppy needs, our veterinary team can help and provide you with a vaccination schedule. We also recommend that you bring your puppy in at least twice a year for wellness exams, which will help to ensure that your puppy is growing and developing as he should. We can also make recommendations when it comes to the best food to feed your puppy as he ages.

Caring for a New Kitten

Kittens can be just as curious and energetic as puppies, which is why it’s so important to keep your new kitten occupied with plenty of toys, scratching posts, and surfaces to climb. Furthermore, keep in mind that your kitten will need to be vaccinated and immunized, regardless of whether she’s an indoor or outdoor cat. Specific vaccinations or immunizations may be recommended based on how much time (if any) your new kitten will be spending outdoors.

Of course, you should also be sure to provide your new kitten with a litter box that you scoop out at least once per day. If there are other cats in the household, you should provide a separate litter box for the new kitten until the cats adjust to each other.

In addition to having your kitten vaccinated with us, we’d like to see your cat for routine wellness exams once to twice a year so we can make sure your kitten is developing at a normal and healthy rate. Our veterinarian team would also be happy to provide you with recommendations regarding kitten food to maximize health and wellness.

Request an Appointment With Our Gresham Vet

Caring for a new kitten or puppy can be a bit overwhelming, but our Gresham area vet is here to help. Schedule your new pet’s first wellness exam with Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center today by giving our office a call at (503) 661-1833.