Dental Surgery at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center

At some point in your life, you’ve probably found yourself undergoing some kind of dental surgery to correct or repair a troublesome problem. Dogs and cats develop these same problems from time to time, so your pet may need his own turn in the veterinary’s “dentist’s chair.”  Here at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, any Gresham and Troutdale veterinarian on our team can provide these services safely and effectively.

From Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning to Tumor Removal

The world of pet surgery may be a wider one than you think. The full range of surgical procedures may cover everything from routine cat and dog teeth cleaning to emergency surgical procedures. Let’s take a look at how your pet may benefit from these services:

  • Dog and cat teeth cleaning – Dog and cat teeth cleaning may be considered” surgery” in the sense that it is mildly invasive and requires anesthesia. By scaling tartar away from teeth below the gum line, we can reduce your pet’s odds of getting periodontal disease, a potential cause of tooth loss.
  • Root canal – Animals can receive root canals just as humans can. By removing the diseased pulp from a tooth and then filling the root canal with a sterile substance, we can preserve a tooth that might otherwise have to be pulled.
  • Tooth extraction – Some teeth are beyond repair, causing pain to your pet while providing opportunities for serious infection. In such cases, it’s often better for your pet in the long run for us to extract the tooth.
  • Injury repair – If your pet suffers from a broken jaw or other such damage in an accident, dental surgery may be required to correct the injury and repair any teeth damaged in the accident.
  • Oral tumor removal – An oral tumor may be either a benign mass or a deadly cancer. We can remove the lesion and perform a biopsy on it to determine whether your pet might need additional surgery or other treatment.

Rest assured that our veterinary team administers dental surgery with great skill and expertise. Anesthesia is necessary to keep your pet from moving or getting upset during the procedure, and we perform this step with extraordinary care and attention to detail. We’re also happy to provide any follow-up pain relief or evaluations your pet may need.

Start With Preventative Care from Your Gresham and Troutdale Veterinarian

One of the simplest forms of dental surgery, teeth cleaning can help prevent serious problems down the road. Call (503) 661-1833 to schedule a dog or cat teeth cleaning with your Gresham and Troutdale veterinarian!