Tips for Heartworm Prevention

Tips for Heartworm Prevention From Your Troutdale Veterinarian

Most dog and cat owners have heard of heartworm, but do you know how serious it can be? This parasite occurs in all 50 states, and if left untreated can be crippling and even deadly to beloved pets. At Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center we test and treat all pets for heartworm prevention, but it’s up to owners to make sure their pets come into our animal hospital regularly for their wellness examination. Early diagnosis is the key to a successful recovery, so it’s crucial that we test your pet now before the mosquito season gets underway.

Prevention Advice from Our Veterinarian

Heartworms are much more than just an annoying parasite for your dog or cat. Our Troutdale veterinarian team wants all pet owners to know that pets left untreated can suffer damage to the heart and lungs, and can even die from the complications associated with heartworms. The damage to these animals is unnecessary because we offer preventative treatment for all of our furry patients.

The first step is testing, to find out whether your pet is infected. If your animal is clear of the parasites, it can start on preventative medication right away. Animals that are infested need to begin heartworm treatment immediately. The test is only effective beginning about six months after infestation, so puppies and kittens should be given preventative medicine as early as eight weeks of age.

Heartworms are transmitted via mosquitoes when the insect bites an infected animal, then immediately bites another that wasn’t infected. Make your property as inhospitable to mosquitoes as possible as another line of defense against heartworms. Remove any standing water, such as in tires and other standing objects, and fill in any holes that may collect rainwater after storms.

Get Treatment from Our  Troutdale Veterinarian

Keeping your dog or cat happy and healthy is a lifetime commitment, and that begins with a great relationship with our veterinarian team here at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center. Our caring staff is committed to keeping the pets in Troutdale, Gresham, and the surrounding area healthy and safe. Give our office a call at (503) 661-1833  to schedule an appointment today.

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