Turtles Care

Turtles and Pet Care

Turtles are fun and exciting pets to care for. If you are interested in keeping a turtle as a pet, bring it to Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center in Troutdale for veterinary help if it requires treatment. In addition to routine care at our animal hospital, the following steps will help keep your exotic pet happy and healthy.

Set Up Your Turtle’s Habitat

Purchase a terrarium or an aquarium tank for your turtle’s home. Turtles require a habitat that has a dry area and a wet area for swimming. Appropriate containers are available at pet stores. Make sure it is easy to access both land and water for your turtle. Provide your turtle with a pre-formed clay or plastic cave for hiding as well. Your tank also needs a water filter to keep the swimming area clean and a heating lamp to keep the habitat at the right temperature.

Provide Your Turtle with the Right Diet

Turtles are generally carnivores, however, some turtles can get leafy greens. Turtles will eat mealworms, grubs, snails, and other insects. These can be purchased through a pet store or online. Turtles do not eat every day. It is best to inquire about the specific diet and frequency of feeding your breed of turtle requires so that it obtains the nutrients it needs to live healthy.

Cleaning Your Turtle’s Tank

Your turtle’s aquarium or terrarium needs to be cleaned regularly so that it does not become full of waste. Remove your turtle’s uneaten food every few days so that it does not become moldy, possibly sickening your turtle. Water should also be replaced. If you use a filter, this can be done each week. Scrub the sides of your turtle’s tank to remove debris each month.

If your exotic animal is injured or sick, contact Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center in Troutdale for veterinary care. You can also contact us to schedule a wellness appointment for your exotic pet. Call our animal hospital at (503) 661-1833 today.

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