We Are The Troutdale Animal Hospital for All of Your Pet’s Needs

If you are searching for a veterinarian in the Troutdale and Gresham areas that offer full-service care in one convenient location, and who really care for pets big and small, look no further than us at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center for the best in pet care. Your pets are our priority, and we know how much they matter to your family so they will receive the best at each and every appointment.

Services at Paws & Claws Medical Center

Preventative Care

Yearly wellness checkups are a key component of healthy pet care. We can get ahead of any issues with blood tests, parasite prevention, vaccinations, and a full exam to make sure your pet is healthy and stays that way.

Dental Care

Did you know that pets need dental treatment too? Dental appointments are vital because your pet cannot tell you when they have tooth-ache but may lose weight or get irritable. Annual cleanings and check-ups can save your pet pain later on.

Senior Care

We offer special appointments to our senior pets to keep them healthy and comfortable. Our wellness program: “Senior at Seven” helps us diagnose and treat common ailments that your pet may face as they age
Radiology and Lab Partnership – We have made sure that your pet receives quality and accurate lab results by a partnership with a locked lab. In addition, we have an in-house analyzer for emergent care.

Pet Surgery 

You can rest assured that if your pet needs surgery we offer the best in care with top-notch facilities. The best in pain care, and a comfortable environment for your pet.

Urgent Care

If your pet has an emergency, we offer urgent care services so they can receive the care they need with the doctor’s they are comfortable with.

We Offer Exotic Pet Care Too! 

If you are in need of quality pet services for your pocket pet or reptile we offer the best in care for all types of pets and enjoy visiting with them all. From geckos and snakes to iguanas and sugar gliders we can help keep your exotic pet healthy as well.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Pet’s Veterinarian Appointment

Call us at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center for your pet’s next veterinary appointment. We proudly serve the pets in Troutdale and the surrounding areas. Call today, (503) 661-1833.