We Treat Everything with Paws, Claws and Wings

Welcome to the Paws and Claws Blog!

Welcome to the very first entry for our Troutdale and Gresham veterinary practice blog! Here at Paws & Claws Pet Medical center and emergency vet, we are proud to be your local veterinarian and veterinary hospital for a wide variety of pets. Whether you are a pet parent to a dog, a cat, a chicken, a parrot or other bird, or an exotic pocket pet, we are here to help and are available around the clock.

Troutdale Veterinarians Provide Comprehensive Care

Our practice offers the standard services such as dog surgery, spay neuter surgery, pet vaccinations, pet dental exams and cleanings, and a wellness program for your pet as well as the services of an exotic vet. Here at our Troutdale and Gresham area facility, we also have the ability to care for pet emergencies and are available as an emergency vet for those times that your pet needs after hours care. Our veterinarians, Ken DeRemer, DVM, Christina Huntsinger, DVM, and Monica Pollack, DVM will treat your animal just as they would treat their own. Our veterinary hospital is staffed by pet lovers just like you, so we fully comprehend how very vital your pet’s care and well being is to you!

We plan to cover a number of topics in this blog, especially those that our pet parents find of particular interest but may not remember to discuss with our staff while visiting our facility. We will talk about the importance of regular exams, how to take special precautions during extreme weather conditions, and talk about what pet wellness really entails.

Do you have any ideas for our future blog entries? Please let us know here in the comments section and we will be glad to address your question in an upcoming blog! We want to thank you for entrusting us with the care of your pet, and we vow to do our best to keep your pet well and to give you peace of mind!

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