Your Gresham and Troutdale Emergency Vet

Your Gresham and Troutdale Emergency Vet

As your Gresham and Troutdale Emergency veterinarian, Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality emergency care for your pet.

Tips to Avoid Emergencies at Home from Our Veterinarians

Many pet emergencies occur at home. As a pet owner, you can protect your pet by taking action to prevent accidents. Follow the tips below from our Gresham and Troutdale Veterinarians:

  • Keep toxic chemicals out of reach. Some toxic chemicals, like anti-freeze, can be appealing and attractive for pets. You can protect your pet by keeping toxic chemicals locked away and out of reach.
  • Know what foods can harm your pet. Many pets are unable to consume chocolate, caffeine, certain types of vegetables and other common, everyday foods. Familiarizing yourself with these foods can help you prevent your pet from consuming something dangerous.
  • Pet proof your home. Pets can choke on cords, eat wood that splinters in their bodies and get into other household items that can do them harm. Go through your house and put dangerous items out of reach.
  • Give your pet plenty of pet-safe toys. Pets that have enough emotional and physical stimulation tend to stay out of trouble, so give your pet lots to do at home.

Watch for Seasonal Dangers

This summer, your pet will need adequate water and shelter during the day, especially if you’re leaving your pet out in the yard while you go to work. Preventing heat illness and heat stroke can help your pet stay safe this summer. If you leave your pet indoors during the day, run the air conditioner or leave the windows open to help your pet get fresh air.

Contact Our Animal Hospital Serving Gresham and Troutdale

At Paws and Claws Pet Medical Center serving Gresham and Troutdale, we help pets recover from medical emergencies, and we also train pet owners to take good care of their animal companions. We encourage all pet owners of the area to keep our phone number nearby, just in case there’s ever an emergency. Call us today at (503) 661-1833 for more information to make an appointment.

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