Spay and Neuter in Gresham and Troutdale

Spay and Neuter Surgery Is Important To Your Pet’s Health

Spaying your female animal prevents her from producing unwanted litters of dogs and kittens. Neutering your male animal prevents him from fathering these unwanted litters. In addition, spaying and neutering help your pet to live longer, avoiding the risk of cancers and other problems of the reproductive system. If surgery is done when the animal is young, it can also reduce undesirable behavioral habits, such as wandering, being aggressive to other animals or humping.

Spay and Neuter Procedures

Animals are given an anesthetic to prevent pain during spaying and neutering procedures. For female animals, the veterinarian will make an incision to remove the ovaries and uterus. In male animals, the testicles are removed. Most animals recover quickly, after only a few days, and suffer no ill effects from the procedure.

Recovering From Surgery

Your vet will advise you to keep the animals quiet for the first day or two to allow incisions to heal properly. The vet will also provide pain relievers and antibiotics to prevent infection. In some cases, animals may have to wear a “collar” that keeps them from licking or biting the healing incision. Animals generally recover quickly from spay/neuter surgery. Within a few days, they are eating and playing normally.

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