Troutdale and Gresham Exotic Vet Answers Your Veterinary Care Questions

Exotic pets make wonderful animal companions. But did you know that exotic pets often require a higher level of specialty care than dogs and cats? Not all animal hospitals offer exotic veterinary care, and here at Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center, we are excited to provide this elevated level of service to our Troutdale and Gresham pet owners. From iguanas and geckos to snakes and water dragons, our Troutdale exotic vet is committed to keeping your pet healthy.

Exotic Veterinary Care Starts with a Wellness Exam

When you adopt your exotic pet, we encourage you to bring it in immediately for a wellness exam. We will perform a fecal sample analysis to ensure your pet is free from parasites and worms. Common exotic pet health problems can include malnutrition, metabolic bone disease, tail trauma, kidney failure, and parasites. Routine wellness care and proper nutrition is essential to preventing these health problems.

Keeping your pet healthy starts with the right diet. Exotic pets have a wide variety of specific dietary requirements, many of which can be difficult to meet through regular, commercial diets. For example, some reptiles require fresh greens for daily “salads,” while other reptiles need pre-killed or live prey. Our veterinarian can help you source your food commercially or locally to ensure that your exotic pet receives a healthy, balanced diet.

Our veterinarian can also assist you by providing information about exotic pet housing. Reptiles require special living conditions that vary based on the type of pet. For example, iguanas live in areas with high humidity and enjoy basking in the sun. Owners will need to provide adequate heat and humidity. Geckos like to hide and keep to themselves. A tank with artificial plants and rocks will give geckos space to hide, and a hide box can also create a safe place for geckos to shed their skin. Misting the tank can also help maintain humidity levels.

Our veterinarian provides pre-ownership counseling and is happy to answer any questions you may have about housing, nutrition, and wellness care.

Do you currently own exotic pets? Are you thinking about becoming an exotic pet owner?

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