Wellness Plans Work

Our Wellness Program for Pets in Troutdale and Gresham

It hurts our hearts when a beloved pet is sick or in pain. And while not every illness or injury can be avoided, our Troutdale veterinarian is determined to help prevent as many illnesses in our companion animals as humanly possible. This is why we encourage our patients’ families, both here and around Gresham, to join our pet wellness program. With regular checkups, periodic lab tests, scheduled vaccinations and exercise and nutrition counseling, we can help the animals in our care live longer, healthier lives together with their families.

The Importance of Wellness in Veterinary Medicine

We believe that prevention is preferable to just waiting until a health problem arises. So our preventative veterinary care starts from puppy or kitten-hood and goes right on through a pet’s golden years. We make sure the little ones get the immunizations they need, when they need them, as well as several lab tests to check for common problems so that we can catch them before they become advanced and more difficult to treat. We also recommend having young pets spayed or neutered when they are old enough, which prevents overpopulation and can help ward off many behavioral and health problems down the road.

We also promote pet dental care. Here in the office, we provide periodic ultrasonic cleanings and scaling to remove plaque, and we also show pet owners how to care for their pets’ oral health at home. Just like humans, proper dental hygiene for pets can ward off tooth decay and infection as well as halitosis.

As pets age, we check them every six months so we can monitor them for the development of cancer, heart disease, obesity, arthritis and other common age-onset problems. Early diagnosis helps us help pets recover and thrive longer. We know every day with our special family members is precious, so we do all we can to make those days healthy and happy for you and your pets!

What are you and your pets planning to do together this spring?

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